5. White Metro

metro white tiles installed in a bathroom in brick bond sytle.

Elevate your space with our Metro White Tiles, sized at 10x20cm. The bevelled edges add depth, creating a dynamic visual impact. Their high gloss white finish not only imparts a contemporary gleam but also reflects light, making any room feel more spacious. These tiles seamlessly blend classic and modern aesthetics, offering versatility in design. Whether adorning kitchen backsplashes or bathroom walls, their timeless appeal complements various styles. The bevelled edges provide a subtle dimensionality, transforming ordinary walls into focal points. Embrace sophistication and durability, as these tiles are not just a design choice but a statement of enduring quality. Upgrade your interiors with the enduring charm and practicality of Metro White Tiles, a fusion of style and substance that transcends trends.

4. Tutti Frutti

tutti frutti terrazzo effect poreclain tiles crafted confetti

Introducing the vibrant allure of Tutti Frutti Tiles, crafted from exquisite porcelain in a chic 18.5×18.5cm size, boasting a captivating matte finish. These tiles redefine interior design, infusing spaces with playful energy and a touch of tropical charm. The bold, fruity palette creates a lively atmosphere, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or feature walls. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these tiles are a testament to durability, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. The matte finish adds a contemporary edge, tempering the exuberance with a sophisticated touch. Bring a burst of color and personality to your living spaces with Tutti Frutti Tiles, where artistry meets functionality, and each tile is a canvas for endless design possibilities. Immerse yourself in a world of bold expressions and timeless style with these porcelain masterpieces.

3. White Himalaya

white himalaya porcelain tile on a floor in a living room.

Introducing the White Himalaya porcelain tile, a 60x60cm marvel exuding timeless sophistication. Its high gloss finish imparts a luxurious sheen, while rectified edges ensure a sleek, modern aesthetic. This tile transcends the ordinary, transforming spaces into radiant sanctuaries with its pristine beauty. The glossy allure not only adds opulence but reflects light, creating an illusion of spaciousness. Beyond aesthetics, White Himalaya tiles are crafted for durability, making them ideal for both floors and walls. With clean lines and a classic yet contemporary appeal, these tiles redefine interior spaces, making every corner a testament to refined style. Choose White Himalaya for a blend of practicality and elegance that stands the test of time, turning your home into a haven of understated luxury.

2. Subway Flat White

Subway matt white 10x30cm tiled in herringbone style.

Revitalize your walls with the timeless charm of Subway White Matt, a ceramic wall tile measuring 10x30cm. The soft, matte finish brings a touch of understated elegance, creating a classic backdrop that transcends trends. Its versatile size and pristine white hue make it a perfect canvas for various design styles, from contemporary to vintage. The Subway White Matt tile not only adds a clean, sophisticated aesthetic but also contributes to an illusion of spaciousness, making it ideal for smaller spaces. With a nod to the iconic subway tile style, this ceramic gem promises durability and easy maintenance. Transform your interiors effortlessly with the enduring appeal of Subway White Matt, where simplicity meets enduring style in every tile.

1. Carrara White Polished

image of our carrara marble polished porcelain wall and floor tile in a kitchen. This tile is available in 30x60cm and 60x60cm and has a rectified edge.

Indulge in the opulence of Carrara Marble White Polished, a porcelain tile available in both 30x60cm and 60x60cm dimensions. This exquisite tile boasts a high gloss finish that mirrors the sophistication of Carrara marble, elevating your space with timeless luxury. Suitable for both walls and floors, its versatility meets design aspirations with grace. The rectified edges ensure a seamless installation, providing a polished, modern look. Beyond its aesthetic brilliance, Carrara Marble White Polished offers the durability and easy maintenance expected from porcelain. Transform your interiors into a sanctuary of elegance, where the allure of genuine Carrara marble meets the practicality of porcelain. Immerse yourself in the enduring beauty of this tile, a statement of refined taste that transcends trends.

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