Over the last five years, Original Style has revealed new and exciting designs for the Tile of the Year. We have seen a series of stunning tiles, and this year, in a break from the traditional bold colours, and angular structures and shapes of previous designs, the tile of 2022 is the beautiful Wildflower Rose; an elegant and stylized depiction of natural wildlife using a soft palette of dusty pinks and greens.

During the past eighteen months, our focus has been on our immediate surroundings as we remained ensconced at home, and in Original Style’s case the focus has been on the wild British countryside, consequently influencing this Wildflower Rose design. Wildflower Rose features the abundant flowers and greenery of the British countryside in subtle shades of green, pink and blue, all drawn in intimate detail, appearing like pressed flowers on a creamy white background.

Inspired by the recent years’ cottagecore trend, Original Style’s designers and artists combined images of their natural surroundings with this social media fashion which has only exploded as an effect of the pandemic. Described as ‘budding’ by the New York Times, cottagecore suddenly blossomed into a movement of online romantic escapism. Cottagecore’s influences of floral patterns, rustic country homes, sun-dappled gardens – a rural idyll – collided with the pandemic’s necessity for home-making, so an online pretence became a reality. Wildflower Rose’s floral features are in direct contrast to the angular art-deco patterns of previous years’ winning tile styles, and its colour palette is in keeping with the warm tones of cottagecore.


The tiles’ shades of berry and grassy greens are perfectly complemented by the paint made by Original Style’s collaborators Coat Paints. The two teamed up to uncover the perfect paint tones to harmonise with Wildflower Rose, to capture all imaginations with a range of interior design looks. Coat Paints’ co-founder, Rob Green, announced their paint recommendations are their grey-tinted teal called Adulting which draws out the dark greens in Wildflower Rose, and two blush shades: Ciao, Sofia – a soft, subtle pink – and Festival Eve – a dusky plum, emphasising the feminine style of Wildflower Rose.

Each year, the Original Style tile of the year is a statement piece, iconic and eye-catching, introducing a new trend of interior design and inspiring newcomers to try tiling. The lively, fresh design of Wildflower Rose shows a light-hearted whimsical celebration of nature, brightening any room or statement wall, and its design is unlike any other tile; rather than the muted shades and patterns of traditional tiles, Wildflower Rose is more like statement wallpaper. The large-format design gives a smooth and sleek appearance with plenty of space on each tile for a variety of flowers, vines and tendrils, so you can lay them in the pattern of your choosing, keeping your design personal and unique. With the addition of Coat Paint’s recommendations and inspiration, you can create a contemporary or traditional space with Original Style’s fresh, charming and iconic Wildflower Rose.

Wildflower Rose will inspire tile designs for years to come and we are excited to announce it as Original Style’s tile of 2022!



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