ClickLux Black Elm

178 x 1219mm

Want a darker shade for your flooring? Give it a realistic wood-like effect with this easy-to-install ClickLux Black Elm luxury vinyl tiles.

178 x 1219mm
Stone Polymer Composite
Click Flooring
Matt Finish
UFH Suitable
Pack of 10 (2.17m2)

Dark wood flooring is very popular because they give more emphasis to light-colored walls and they contrast so well with the furniture around the house.

However, it can be very expensive too. If you are looking for the same feel and effect that is affordable yet highly durable, look no further because this ClickLux Black Elm luxury vinyl tile is going to do the trick.

It is so easy to install and has thick, dense layers making it resistant to scratches, water, impact, stains, and is quieter to step on.

Give your home a stunning statement with its inviting realistic wood-like effect.


178 x 1219mm




Luxury Vinyl Tile



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Porcelain is fired to a higher temperature than ceramic so is therefore stronger and denser so is good choice for high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways.

No, wall tiles are not strong enough to be used on the floor but floor tiles can be used on the wall.

No this is a common misconseption, small tiles add more grout lines so can make the room look smaller, we recommend 300 x 600mm as a good size for small areas.